Hey, I'm Scott.

I'm a front-end engineer gone data scientist.


I'm Scott Lee, a Bay Area resident for the past decade, tech fanatic, and tea connoisseur. I'm currently doubling in Computer Science and Statistics at UC Berkeley. I started off as a front-end engineer in high school, but since then, I've branched out into data science because of my interest in statistics.

I'm also deeply interested in teaching and education; as such, I try to do a lot of my projects and work around them. One day, I hope to make accessible, high-quality education a practical reality through technology.

You can find my resume below, or if you prefer, here in PDF form.


University of California, Berkeley 2016 - 2019
B.A. Computer Science, B.A. Statistics; 3.90
Recent courses: Data Structures, Techniques of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Probability, Discrete Math,
Lin Alg/Diff Eq


Programming Python (+ Pandas, Scikitlearn, TensorFlow, Apache Spark), SQL, Java

Web Development HTML, CSS/LESS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap

Miscellaneous LaTeX, DLSR Photography, Lightroom, Sketch


UCSF School of Nursing

Research Assistant | Aug 2017 - Present

Applied convolutional neural networks to detect Premature Ventricular Contractions from electrocardiogram readings by recognizing ST changes. Built a convolutional neural network to detect Premature Atrial Contractions in order to predict unstable heart conditions.


Data Science / Education Intern | May 2017 - Aug 2017

Conducted data analysis using SQL and Python; brainstormed and produced curricula for various CS and data science courses.


Lead Engineer | Sept 2016 - Present

Led small team of developers in implementing new features for UC Berkeley's most popular course catalog, with over 26,000 monthly users.


UCB Data 8

Teaching Assistant | Aug 2017 - Present

Prepared materials, taught lab section, held office hours, and developed assignments, and facilitated class logistics. Assisted the Head of Staff in managing staff, organizing exams and managing enrollment for a class of 1200 students.

Berkeley Institute for Data Science, DS Education Program

Curriculum Committee Member | February 2017 - May 2017

Developed curriculum for a gender studies research course at UC Berkeley (GWS 101) and constructed general, multidisciplinary curriculum using iPython.


Song Classifier

Created a deep learning classifier that categorizes songs as either country or hip-hop based on lyrics frequencies.

Built with Python and TensorFlow.


Created gesture detection application with the Synaptics touchpad; implemented API for Spotify, Slack, Facebook, and more, then linked to a sleek web UI.

Built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, JSON, Python, C, and AppleScript.


Designed online open-source calculus curriculum with a random problem generator that adapts to a student's responses.

Built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Ruby on Rails.


Created app that sends notifications to students whenever grades are posted for school assignments and features a flexible grades spreadsheet with additional tools for students and staff.

Built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and PHP.