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Hi, I'm Scott Lee, a current student at UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in computer science and statistics.

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About me

Hi everyone! My name is Scott, and I'm currently a computer science and statistics student at UC Berkeley.

I first picked up programming in middle school, when I joined a robotics team; since then, it has been my passion to develop my skills. Because of the influence that the academically rigorous region I live in had on me, I have steadily gained an interest in the area of education over the years, particularly in math and science. I hope to make high-quality education a practical reality through technology.

In my free time (and while I work), I enjoy a lot of music; I love to listen, create covers, and compose. I also like to take photographs in my free time. Some of my other interests include traveling, eating delicious food, and drinking lots and lots of tea.

You can view my resume here.

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Projects, photograhy, and more.

App BerkeleyTime
App Delta
Web Design MUSE Ensemble
Photography O'ahu 2016
App Hexsweeper
Web Design TEDxMontaVista
Photography Chicago 2015
App Loopfresh
App Chews

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Berkeley, CA / Saratoga, CA

Email: scott.lee.3898@berkeley.edu

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Instagram: @turtle.lee

Flickr: @tortlelee

Soundcloud: @turtle_lee

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