Software Engineer

Hi, I'm Scott.

Software Engineer @ Lyft

M.S. EECS @ UC Berkeley

San Francisco, CA



About Me

I'm Scott, a Bay Area native, tea connoisseur, and turtle enthusiast. Currently, I'm a software engineer at Lyft, returning after completing my M.S. at UC Berkeley. In the past, I've also had the pleasure of working at other amazing companies like Rubrik and Brilliant.

I'm passionate about designing thoughtful solutions to complex problems. My academic and industry interests include artificial intelligence (machine learning, computer vision), large-scale logistics, and intersecting technology and education. I fill my free hours by climbing rocks, baking bread, drinking matcha, and obsessing over music.

Education & Skills

University of California, Berkeley 🐻

M.S. EECS (2020)
B.A. Computer Science (2019)

Monta Vista High School
High School Diploma (2016)

Head TA for Data 8, Data 100, PH 196, PH 142


Python (PyTorch, TensorFlow, sklearn, Pandas)
SQL, R, Java, Go, C


Computer Vision
AI in Natural Language Processing
AI in Robotics
AI in Healthcare & Medicine
Machine Learning
Algorithms & Complexity
Probability & Random Processes
Convex Optimization
Theoretical Statistics
Linear Modeling
Financial Engineering



Software Engineer (2020 - Present)

Automated User Acquisition


Graduate Researcher (2018 - 2020)

Computer Vision (Explainability, Few-Shot)
Medical Imaging (EKG)


Software Engineering Intern (2019)

Dual project between infrastructure (generalized pricing API) and modeling (new pricing model). Conducted extensive data analysis and feature engineering, created robust endpoints to fetch features, and ran pricing experiments.


Software Engineering Intern (2018)

Designed and implemented a robust cloud database system compatible with AWS, Azure, and GCP as part of Rubrik's first SaaS product, Office 365.



A Slackbot packed with features to assist teaching staff members, including roster lookup, Piazza paging, and groupshouts.


An augmented course catalog used by over 30,000 UC Berkeley students that provides data on courses, enrollment trends, grade distributions, and more.

Neural-Backed Decision Trees

Improving explainability for deep learning image classification using a decision tree-based structure.

Object-Focused Edge Detection

A general method for altering algorithms for edge detection in order to produce edge mappings that focus on one or few individual objects in an image.

Contact Me

I'm currently located in San Francisco, CA. If you want to grab a cup of tea or reach me otherwise, email is the preferred method, thanks!